The New World!

Beyond the Cosmos – Chaotic Melody – Sanga – Dark Ritual – New Better World – Reset – Dharma – The Awakening – Japa – Prorock Mania – The Irish Song – The Devil’s Dance – The Labyrinth.

Of Italian origin, Diego is known as a professional organist and for having participated in various radio and television programmes, broadcast on national channels and in Eurovision. Accustomed to performing in public since his childhood, he has developed over the years a personal technique that allows him to perform complex musical parts on two different instruments at the same time. His musical output ranges from sacred and secular music, solemn and mystical, to progressive rock and music for documentaries and films. He has developed a keen interest in string instruments, percussion and wind instruments. It was a passion that he continued to pursue as a self-taught musician. He completed his training as an organist at the Bern University of the Arts.

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