colour of rice

A rare maturity in writing and voice… an old soul.

Karim Dubugnon, Le Royal

Colour Of Rice

Colour Of Rice - A voice and a guitar
Born to a swiss-german father and a japanese mother, Rani was nine when she sang the title song of the movie Mononokehime on a funeral.
A family member, tears in his eyes, asked her to make a promise. Continue to sing. Her mother gave her piano lessons until age 14. She sang in a choir and joined a rock-pop band while finishing her bilingual Matura in Biel.
In 2011, she laid hands on a guitar and immediatly caught fire. She started writing and in 2012, she released her first EP Fall In Love.
On a school trip to Scotland, a busker lent her his guitar and she sang her own songs. Later that day, she performed in the hostel’s Open Mic. Back in Switzerland, she bought a folk guitar and pursued busking, Open Mics and got into booking her own shows.
Shortly after, she won the first prize in a singer/songwriter contest and was able to record her first album Fly. Self-released in 2014, with a 12-track album in the pocket, she went on playing more and more shows and started gaining airplay and media feedback.
In 2016, agents of the French TV-series ‘The Voice – la plus belle voix’ asked her to candidate. Several castings later, she was in front of the four seats and performed Tracy Chapman‘s Fast Car. Three judges turned around, and she chose Zazie. Even though she left after the second round, it made things easier, but most importantly she won over her father’s recognition. Finally understanding her choice, he stopped telling her to ‘join the police’
In 2017, the show was aired and Colour Of Rice got another boost. She was working on her second album while touring. Written, composed and performed by herself and co-produced with the help of a crowdfunding, she released her second album Oh Darling in march 2018, followed by a release-tour of 20 shows in Switzerland and France.
Colour Of Rice was created when she was around 12. Her friend told her that she made her think of a bowl of rice. Kome is a peeled corn and Gohan is ‘rice’ in Japanese. It’s a very important foodstuff for many people. And there isn’t just ‘white rice’. There is brown, red, black rice and they also come in different shapes. Rice has many ‘colours’ and that made her think about us, too. Diversity is our biggest treasure. And so, the name stuck with her until she finally had a chance to put a name on what she creates.
Music being one of her passions, she also loves photography and nature. Her albums are as well postcard series, each song having its own counterpart in a picture. When she’s not on the road, she likes to be in nature. Growing vegetables, fruits and herbs, going for pony rides in the forests… it’s what keeps her grounded.
Colour Of Rice has always been a guitar and a voice. She played over 200 shows on her own including festivals like Montreux JazzFesti’neuch, Moon & Stars, Gurten and visited Scotland, France, Ireland and Japan with her music.
colour of rice
colour of rice


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Fall In Love

01. Fall In Love
02. Coma
03. Lonely Suicide
04. What If
05. First Love
06. I Enjoy
07. Two
08. Sweetest Boy
09. Who You Are


01. Wish
02. Peanuts
03. Childhood Friends
04. Dear Wind
05. Life Passing By
06. No
07. City Lights
08. The Grass Is Green
09. Railway Station
10. Tree
11. Fly
12. You Me And A Guitar

Oh Darling

01. Oh Darling
02. Feather
03. Goodbye
04. Mind Journey
05. Coming Home
06. Speak A Word
07. Time, Love & Dreams
08. Sun & Moon
09. Chéri
10. Cigarette
11. See You Next Time ‘Round 12. Caught Up In The Moment

Purity, elegance, sincerity

Audrey Gerber


Stunning, musically “obä usä”, spontaneous, refreshing, sympathetic and then still so grateful … great joy!

Barbara Jenzer

Kaffee Montag

A revelation! Wild sweetness. Lots of freshness! A promising artist



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