nick le juge

A Swiss rock bass player with a difference – Loving justice and consumed by rock.

Powerful Rock Musician

Nick Le Juge

Nick Le Juge - Dropping it all for music...

Nick Le Juge was a lawyer in the French-speaking part of Switzerland before dropping everything and going to LA with only a bass guitar in his bag.

He spent some time in the City of Angels playing rock. Here then returned home and worked as a district judge for years but his soul was still haunted by rock music.

Some local politicians confronted him and demanded that he give up music if he wanted to continue being a judge as they deemed rock music was very unsuitable for his judicial system. They also deemed that rock music was equated to all that is evil in the world!

Nick choose to keep playing rock because it was from his roots and deeply imprinted in his soul.

Finally he left the judge bench but had the last word by continuing his musical career under the moniker of “Nick Le Juge” which has a double meaning that irked his former peers.

nick le juge


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