Music Productions

Film concert live "The Phantom of the Opera" - 2021


Score performed live to picture : ” The Phantom of the Opera”. A silent film masterpiece that will be played for the pleasure of all in 2021.

Official Tribute to Luciano Pavarotti - recital

125th anniversary La Bohème and 60th anniversary of Luciano Pavarotti’s first interpretation of Rodolfo in partnership with the Fondazione Luciano Pavarotti. During the day:
  • Interviews with Nicoletta MANTOVANI
  • Presentation of the stage effects used by the Maestro

Symphony of Storm & Water - 2022

ArtInitiative is preparing a new range of international professional productions to bring to you. Check back soon.

Stéphane Decor Laura Ansaldi Baroque festival New Zealand Auckland

Baroque Festival 2022

The Baroque Festival 2022 will take place in NEW ZEALAND to continue the successful collaboration between Swiss Maestro and the cultural city of Auckland.

Chaplin "The Tramp"

Chaplin “The Tramp” – The One Man Musical, is the life story of cinematic genius, Charlie Chaplin, told through a show- stopping original score.

Baroque Festival 2020

A collaboration between Swiss Maestro, Italian Sapronao singer and Korean Oboist, accompanied by the Auckland Sinfonietta Orchestra.