seoul chamber orchestra

“My goal is to exchange musicians from overseas.”

Dr Jucheol Wang

Director & Conductor

Concert Performer

Seoul Uniss Chamber Orchestra

An artistic friendship between Korea and other countries

The Seoul Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1998 to use music as a bridge to facilitate communication amongst members and promote orchestra music with the finest standards by Dr Jucheol Wang and a group of young musicians who have all studied overseas and worked in orchestras based in Seoul.

This orchestra has presented various concerts in the top concert halls in Seoul, such as the Seoul Art Centre and Sejong Center, with the finest Korean solo artist including PI Hoyoung (violin), KIM Inhye (Soprano) and SHIN Dongho (Tenor).

It has also strengthened the artistic friendship between Korea and other countries through music and has invited international musicians to perform with the orchestra.

The Seoul Chamber Orchestra seek to promote popular repertoires from the great composers as well as new music, not only from Korea, but also from overseas with international artists.

seoul chamber orchestra

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seoul chamber orchestra