Symphony of Storm & Water

Symphony for the senses, beyond Light & Sounds

This beautiful creation gives Symphony of the Senses a blend of progressive rock and classical style music presented against a backdrop of art, photography, video and lighting. This stage show offers a unique experience. The dominant theme of the show is the beauty and wavelength of water, as seen through the art of photographer Christy Lee Rogers and the emotions created by the dynamic compositions of musician Olivier Guenat.

The stage presents Olivier Guenat‘s band accompanied by the symphony orchestra, the choir and the soprano Laura ANSALDI. The orchestra benefits from light and mist effects throughout the show, presenting the concept of water, in keeping with the theme of the work of art. The artwork, video and band are the main characters in the story and are the stars of the show. The lighting highlights the concept of water, rain and waves during the performance. The shape of the stage is specifically designed to allow intimacy between the audience and Olivier during the guitar solos.