Our Artists

Stéphane Decor

As an accomplished trumpet player and Maestro, he is an skillful producer and manager with a stellar career in classical and performances for leading political figures and royal dignitaries and representing top artists in Switzerland.

Olivier Guenat

Swiss composer and virtuoso guitar player. He is now busy developing a project that will be presented to the public in 2022.

Laura Ansaldi

Italian soprano with a voice characterized by a remarkable versatility and agility to perform a diversity of music from chamber to sacred.

Kyiv Soloists​

The Kyiv Soloists National Chamber Ensemble gained reputation as a promoter of internationally acclaimed composers. Expressive and poetic showcasing Ukrainian musical tradition.


Singer, dancer, actor, stage director, one-man show, describing Mike, an unusual character, needs air, space, atmosphere, colours and sound! So to sum him up in a few lines is like trying to put a skyscraper in a jar!

Diego Rocca

Professional organist and for having performed in various radio and TV shows, broadcasted on national channels. He performs complex musical parts on two different instruments at the same time. His musical production is very varied: sacred and secular music, solemn and mystical, progressive rock and music for documentaries and films.

Carmela Valente

International actress, scriptwriter, stage director and Coach.

Michel Cywie

French composer. The Legend with more than 25 million records sold.

Thierry Sforza

French librettist lyricist of Italian origin several awarded with more than 1.9 million disks sold.

Delfo Menicucci

International tenor, stage director, coach and singing master of Laura Ansaldi and Andrea Bocelli.

Emmanuel Accard

Dancer, Choreographer, Director, he has performed on television sets as well as in major theatres such as the Opéra Garnier and Bastille (Paris), La Scala in Milana, the Casino de Paris, the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, La Vilette, Le Bataclan… Without ever forgetting to walk the streets.

Talia Ilan

Talia was chosen as one of 50 women for the new published book (Dvir) “ Real Legends-50 women to grow up with in Israel” – Shoham Smith.