Rock Opera
A contemporary vision of the biblical episode in a place of inspiration filled with spirituality

Between refined and sophisticated duets, drawing from the most ancient and remote sound roots of the human soul to the most sophisticated sound synthesis. THE TOWER OF BABEL is a musical pearl performed in evocative, sometimes mystical places.
Places capable of arousing in themselves old emotions, places rich in art and culture such as churches and cathedrals, concert halls and theatres, large open spaces for concerts. concert halls and theatres, large open spaces for live concerts and this show is an authentic glide over many new musical and multiple new musical and other horizons. Virtuosity and lightness make the musical discourse musical discourse varied and of enormous emotional impact.
Melodies conceived in the immediacy and spontaneity of the creative inspiration of a sensitive black and white soul in a succession of notes where there are no limits but only opportunities. where there are no limits but only opportunities. Destined to take depth this musical show is the continuation of a series of experimental concerts that the composer and performer Diego Rocca has realised in several years of professional activity, arousing and nurturing the interest of an audience that is not used to certain performances. the interest of an audience not used to certain performances in particular places. 
THE SOPRANO LAURA ANSALDI: Laura has often performed the role of Christine in the musical The Phantom of the Opera of Andrew Lloyd-Webber. She likes to involve herself in special projects like the « Memorial Maria Callas » where she was the main soprano singing and acting while on the screen were projected images of Maria Callas’ life or in “Verdi by Verdi” there she performed a series of Giuseppe Verdi’s operas in the original tuning he composed with.