Carmela Valente

At 12, her french teacher writes on her school notes:
« Carmela is a  gifted  actress! »

Actress & Scriptwriter


Carmela Valente

A stoning successfull career in numerous films and shows
At 15, she is casted for her first role on stage , The Queen Marie, in Ionesco’s play  The dying King in Montreal, Canada.
She flew to Paris to attend acting class in well known Cours Simon and is booked in the theater play La baignoire where she is encouraged by great actor Jean MARAIS.
From there she was cast in various cinema and TVmovie. She starred in famous TV film Il camera delle donne at Cinecitta studios in Roma. Dino RISO the renowned Italian director booked her as Cleopatra for his award winnng commercial Terra.
Over those years, Carmela clocked up thousands of public performances and about a hundred shoots. She also directed and wrote the script and lyrics of several musicals.
She was lucky enough to rub shoulders with a plethora of movie stars, including Robert DE NIRO, Gérard DEPARDIEU, Monica BELLUCCI and Jean RENO who taught her a lot.
She shared her own personal experience and created a coaching  method Acting Skills for Managers to help top executives and artists shine in public speaking.



  • The power of love Casanova (Théâtre Ciné13) from Michel CYWIE/Thierry SFORZA/Carmela VALENTE,
    Director: Carmela VALENTE –
  • Les délichieuses (Théâtre de Carrière S/Seine) from Nat DALIAN,
    Director: Michèle BERNIER –
  • Lorsque l’enfant paraît (Conservatoire National de Musique of Bordeaux) from André ROUSSIN,
    Director: R. LAPALUS –
  • Salade de nuit (Théâtre des blanc Manteaux) from Christian DOB,
    Director: Christian DOB –
  • Dom Juan (Théâtre de Chelles) from Molière,
    Director: Yves LE GUILLOCHET –
  • La pluie du soleil (Comédie Caumartin) from X. LEPETIT and
    Director: Xavier LEPETIT –
    La Chef
  • La fugue (Olympia & Théâtre Dejazet) from L. DAGET,
    Director: L. DAGET –
    Professeur de sciences naturelles
  • Le malade imaginaire (Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin) from Molière,
    Director: J.C. ROBBES –
  • La baignoire (Théâtre du Lucernaire) from Victore HAÏM,
    Director: Georges VITALY –
  • Du ronron sur les blinis (Point-Virgule) from Patrick BRAOUDE,
    Director: Patrick BRAOUDE –
  • Les bas fonds from Gorki,
    Director: Sacha PITOËFF
  • Le roi se meurt (Théâtre de Montréal)
    Director: Jean LOISIER –
    La reine Marie


  • Dobermann from Jan KOUNEN with Vincent KASSEL & Monica BELLUCCI – Dob’s mum
  • L’homme de ma vie from J. Charles TACCHELA with Maria de MEDEIROS & Thierry FORTINEAU –
  • Les dames galantes from J. Charles TACCHELA with Richard BOHRINGER & Isabella ROSSELLINI –
    H. De Montal
  • Ca n’arrive qu’à moi from Francis PERRIN with Francis PERRIN –
  • Mesrine from André GENOVES –
  • La cassure from Ramon MUNOZ with Jean-Pierre LEAUD –
    Call girl


  • La chambre des dames from Yannick ANDREI  – Gertrude
  • Croquignole from Jean BRARD – Marcelle
  • Hôtel de police from Claude BARROIS –
  • Les limiers from Yves ELLENA –The speaker
  • Carte de presse from Michel FAVART – Colette
  • La vie en couleurs from J. DONIOL-VALCROZE – Doctor Billet
  • Le lien du sang from  Pierre LARY – Madam Vasseur
  • Les hordes from J.C. MISSIAEN –
  • Enfant de personne from J. P. PREVOST – Carol Vassol
  • Tendresse et passion from Alain LOMBARDI – Sister Carmela
  • Une amnésie particulière from J. M. COLDEFY – Brigitte
  • Counter strike from Bernard DUMONT – Renate Herzog
  • Secret de famille from Hervé BASLE – Hortense Ruiz
  • Lethal exposure from Kevin CONNOR – Claire Marchand
  • Poulet au gratin from Etienne DHAENE – Dolores

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