Maestro Stéphane DECOR

Maestro Stéphane DECOR

Internationally renowned trumpeter and conductor, Maestro Stéphane DECOR began his career conducting chamber and symphony orchestras in Switzerland and England.

His high level of professionalism and ability to improvise in any situation led to his being engaged as conductor of the private chamber orchestra of royalty.

Concert Victoria Hall - Genève


From the front of the stage where he demonstrated his ability to successfully unite musicians and audiences, the Maestro has dedicated the last 30 years to the "artistic uplift" of soloists and aspiring musicians.


With the duty to inculcate culture in society, the Maestro has extended his scope to other artistic expressions; from Rockstar to choreographer and photographer, across Europe and Scandinavia, he has been able to value their contributions to culture.

He is also an accomplished producer and manager, with a successful career in classical music and performances for leading politicians and royal dignitaries, as well as representing leading artists in Switzerland.

Répétition symphonique

Maestro Stéphane DECOR conducts symphony and chamber orchestras to the delight of the public.

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