Actress and screenwriter

A career marked by success in numerous films and shows.

At 15, she got her first stage role, Queen Maryin the play by Ionesco The Dying King in Montreal, Canada.

She flew to Paris to take acting classes at the famous Simon Course and is involved in the play The bathtub where she is encouraged by the great actor Jean MARAIS.

From then on, she was involved in several films and television shows. She played in the famous TV film Il camera delle donne to the studios Cinecitta of Rome. Dino RISOthe famous Italian director, cast her in the role of Cleopatra for its award-winning advertising Terra.

Over the years, Carmela has had thousands of public performances and over a hundred film shoots. She has also directed and written the script and lyrics for several musicals.

She has had the opportunity to work with a plethora of film stars, including Robert DE NIRO, Gérard DEPARDIEU, Monica BELLUCCI and Jean RENO who taught her a lot.

She shared her personal experience and created a coaching method Acting Skills for Managers to help executives and artists shine in public speaking.

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