Emmanuel ACCARD

Emmanuel ACCARD

The genius of dance

A street dancer at first, Emmanuel created his first company at the age of 17 and entered the Annecy Conservatory of classical dance at 16. When he came of age, Emmanuel left for Paris with a small suitcase to live his bohemian life and specialise in Jazz, Hip Hop, Burlesque and Salsa dance.

30 years of trajectory during which Emmanuel travels throughout Europe dancing, choreographing or directing artists and troupes as diverse as they are varied.

You were dancing? I'm very happy about that and now sing, taking pity on his audience Emmanuel decides to continue dancing again and again.

His wide range of disciplines and his large repertoire make him choreograph, coach and direct shows as heterogeneous as Cabaret Revues, Equestrian Shows, Circus acts, Operas, Ice Shows for the Swiss or French n°1, Fashion Shows, Martial Arts, Theatre Troupes, Humorists, TV Shows or Series...

He treads the ground on television sets as well as in major theatres such as the Opéra Garnier and Bastille (Paris), La Scala in Milan, the Casino de Paris, the Palais Omnisports of Paris-Bercy, La Vilette, Le Bataclan... Without ever forgetting to beat the pavement in the street.

Not a fan of competitions, Emmanuel nevertheless won first prize at the 3rd Annecy creation springboard and first prize at the international choreographic competition in Thionville.

Loving to bring out talents or vocations, Emmanuel created the TNT Dance a company for children from 8 to 15 years old to prepare them for the stage. This company has seen more than a hundred young dancers and a dozen choreographers in 20 years. 80% have become professionals. He is currently preparing a TV documentary on the subject

He continued to serve in his own company on Ballet Theatre Emmanuel Accard which is 30 years old this year.

        In his creations as well as in the recruitment of his dancers, Emmanuel does not care about the modern aestheticism of the dancers and prefers to choose them for their "faces" and their talent. Lifting the leg is good, but it has to be done at the right time. Considering humour as a weapon, Emmanuel is rarely absent from his productions.

For him, dance is always synonymous with pleasure and a perpetual invitation to celebrate. As a true transmitter of emotion, sharing with the public must be a priority.

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