"In our field, you don't have to look for perfection. I try to communicate the artistic message and then I perfect what I do within the limits of what can be acceptable. I communicate using the appropriate technique. We cannot communicate our message if we seek a higher perfection than that which can be achieved through communication. Why? Because the quality of communication defines the word ART very well. Technical performance must always be subordinated to the quality of communication, not the other way around." - Maestro Stéphane DECOR

Maestro Stéphane DECOR

Maestro Stéphane DECOR

  • Function: President & Artistic Director
  • Email:
  • Phone:+41 61 271 01 55

Maestro Stéphane DECOR, an accomplished international trumpeter and conductor, began his career conducting chamber and symphony orchestras in Switzerland and England. His passion for music has led to numerous educational concerts, initiatives and support for artists to revive their careers. He is also an accomplished producer and manager, with a distinguished career in classical music and performances for leading politicians and royal dignitaries.

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