Like a skyscraper in a jar

Describing Mike ED. Sylva, an unusual character, needs air, space, atmosphere, colours and sound! So to summarize him in a few lines is like trying to put a skyscraper in a jar!

Mike is first and foremost an undeniable charisma. We barely catch a glimpse of him before his magnetism strikes us. As a teenager and an unknown, Mike had to play the autograph session game.  That's how he got people to ask him for his signature in the street!

"I don't know him, but he must be a star!"

His "presence" was so obvious that some young people said "I don't know him, but he must be a star!

Today, during a walk in the city with Mike, many heads turn as he passes! Something about him appeals: his look, his look, his style? Or maybe something more subtle, but so strong about him...

So much for appearance. But the magic happens when he comes on stage and takes the microphone. Silence sets in, the whole audience's attention is on him! From then on, the room is his.

Heir to a 'land-based' culture

Seventeen years in the nightclub business of all styles has left its mark on Mike. He aims for the human side of an Isaac Hayes. He knows how to generate the powerful sound that today's audience expects.

Mike has something to say, like an MC Solar or some rappers. Mais son langage emprunte d’autres chemins. His approach is through emotion.

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      Hello everyone. I am an amateur singer-songwriter. I never wanted to become a star and do not particularly want to be known...! But apparently my Soul wants to share its creations!? If at any time you have 5 minutes to spare for a song, you will know if this is my voice or not. My only qualities are kindness, love of people, of the earth, of life. I am always in a good mood and I am able to work tirelessly if it is necessary and pleasant. You are of course under no obligation to respond to me, but here is my email address in case a little voice inside your heart tells you that I can be a positive investment for the world of tomorrow... Sun and Peace on you and on all of you

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