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"Art is the quality of communication. In today's world, there is a lot of communication going on, sometimes even overwhelming, but the quality is not always there. Through our shows we want to convey a message of aesthetics to everyone and also bring each spectator to the level where he can envision a better future for himself, his family, his group and humanity when he leaves the theatre." - Sylvie DECOR

Sylvie DECOR

Sylvie DECOR

"Conductor", after her husband.
  • Function: CEO Swizerland
  • Experience:more than 15 years
  • Email: sylvie@artinitiative.net
  • Phone:+41 79 948 92 40

Active in the artistic field since 2007. After spending several years planning and executing successful marketing campaigns, she started to create new coaching concepts for artists. At the same time she started to create new concepts for musical shows. In addition to this, she also looks for funding and sponsoring to make the projects succeed, because as she explains: " What counts is that the audience is there when the curtain goes up and when they leave the theatre, their life is more beautiful. Since 2019 she has been running ArtInitiative Switzerland, which she founded with the help of her husband in the art capital of Switzerland: Basel.

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