Verdi Rachmaninov recital

A special birthday

In February 2023, we celebrated the birth of two pillars of classical and vocal music: Giuseppe Verdi (210 years) and Sergei Rachmaninov (150 years).

Although different in terms of historical period and style, there are striking similarities in the character of the works of these composers, especially in operatic music. Both are representatives of Romanticism (Verdi at the beginning and Rachmaninoff at the end), both of whom have lived very intense lives that they have transposed into their respective music.

In their works for voice and piano, Verdi and Rachmaninoff succumb to a passionate and intense lyricism, giving a strong imprint to every word and phrase in their most famous compositions. This is why we have decided to pay tribute to these two great composers with a recital for soprano and piano, with the performers Laura Ansaldisoprano, and the Italian pianist and composer Davide Piero Runcini. The premiere of this recital was held in one of Milan's most prestigious historical churches, the Church of Santa Maria.


Akhmatova songs


  • John Tavener - Songs of Akhmatova
  • John Tavener - Phaedra's lament
  • John Tavener - The child has experienced
  • Davide Piero Runcini - 10 love songs

In his Akhmatova Suite of 6 songs, the composer John Tavener wants to pay tribute to the Russian poetess Anna AkhmatovaHe set six of his poems to music. These are beautiful poems about art and literature, life and death, sadness and elation. The music of Tavener is tense and suspenseful. It gives strength to every word. A beautiful interweaving of art from different cultures, which also brings a very meaningful message for the present time.

Phaedra's lament and The child has experienced are a further step in the concept of the soprano and the cellist. The soprano is no longer an accompanied voice, but becomes a full-fledged instrument in duet with the cello.

Davide Piero Runcini follows this concept by composing on famous and beautiful poems by Italian, French and English poets. The main theme is love, which gives the suite its title. His music is vibrant and expressive.