The meeting of the old world and the new.

A harmonic trio between classical, spiritual and rock accessible to all.

Innovation is a musical marriage between progressive rock and bel canto. This is the challenge of this rock opera "Babel", an impressive combination of the composer's prog rock chords and the lyrical volutes of the soprano Laura ANSALDI.

Through these creations of a different musical genre, Diego Rocca wishes to allow the Church to "get out of its walls a little and approach spirituality in a different way".

The rocker-like instrumentalist performer has succeeded in this challenge on various occasions, on radio and television celebrations, including the 2019 Eurovision Easter celebration.

From his look to his music, everything is new; the singer-songwriter does not aim at provocation, he denotes the authenticity of an artist in the full expression of his talent.

Babel 2021 - Bienne

babel - rock opera

Soprano - Laura Ansaldi / Instruments - Diego Rocca

Babel 2021 - Bienne

Diego Rocca

Composer and performer

Diego is known as a professional organist and for having participated in various radio and television programmes, broadcast on national channels and in Eurovision. Accustomed to performing in public since his childhood, he has developed a personal technique that allows him to perform complex musical parts on two different instruments at the same time. His musical output ranges from sacred and secular music, solemn and mystical, to progressive rock and music for documentaries and films.

Laura Ansaldi


Laura has often performed the role of Christine in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "The Phantom of the Opera". She enjoys being involved in special projects such as the "Maria Callas Memorial", where she is the lead soprano, while images of Maria Callas' life are projected on the screen, or in "Verdi in the Original Key" where she performs a series of operas by Giuseppe Verdi with the original scores.