The opera is Italian, made popular by Monteverdi, and other operas were subsequently created in France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and the Principality of Liege. Each of them has left its mark on the genre, technique, interpretation and acting.

In addition, there is the comic opera and the opera buffa created in a new style, taking its roots from opera. The "masterclass" tour is a three-week journey of initiation where you will be put in the heart of the operatic genre to immerse yourself in the places and interpretations.

The first two weeks will allow you to stay in two prestigious opera venues: Modena and Vienna. The third week will complete the series of "masterclasses" on the art of performing your roles on stage and will be dedicated to the recording of your promotional CD in the prestigious Swiss cultural city of Basel. This recording will allow you to track your progress and use it for your own promotion.

High standard hotels and visits to important and typical cultural places will be on the menu of the tour, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture studied.